introducing we-inspire ideation rooms

The we-inspire room is the solution to your team's productivity. When our system is installed, it transforms your empty walls into seamless, interactive surfaces that you and your team can use for ideation and innovation. Our collaborative technology inspires thinkers to discuss, brainstorm, plan and visualize all without sacrificing input, precision or speed. A we-inspire room has the capability to become the pulsing hub for all of your company's ideas and creations. So what are you waiting for? Come along and discover how you can get inspired.

ideation technology like no other
Ease of use

Anyone can pick up the pen and start creating


Subpixel tracking meets vector based rendering for maximum precision


Our system allows for 7+ users simultaneously on paper and screen surfaces


From two to four screens, our solution meets your needs


Seamless integration of content created on traditional paper


Extensible hardware platform that runs legacy and tailormade software

we-inspire usecases


Include every personality

Now everyone can be the loudest person in the room - everyone's input is captured in brainstorming sessions and team discussions. The unique applications, which integrate with your other programs, are designed to spark and collect ideas from multiple users. In one quick step, several opinions can develop an idea. 

  • Involve multiple users for more active meetings
  • Use your existing applications in your work flow
  • Transition smoothly between different work styles


Use your own devices

The we-inspire wall has mastered the integration between your favorite tools, devices and applications. That means there's no need for chords or cables, simply connect wirelessly. 

  • Integrate your external devices
  • Bring in outside inspiration to the meeting
  • Capture real-time feed


Get everyone onboard

Long gone are the days of intimidating high-tech systems. Thanks to our pen and paper technology, physical palettes, and userfriendly system a new user can contribute immediately. Now you no longer have to rely on one person to lead the discussion!

  • Pen and paper integration
  • Physical tool palettes
  • Easy to learn, easy to use


Access files later

Just finished a productive meeting and want to keep up the momentum? Our system lets you save dynamic files which you can easily share with your team or upload to your company network.  

  • Export results to PDF 
  • Send via E-mail
  • Upload to internal networks


Call the shots

When it's time to make that final decision, nothing beats comparing all the data and drafts side by side. Take a step back, make some changes and present your grand idea. 

  • Plan and structure complex tasks
  • Load and compare results from prior meetings
  • Get an overview to make informed decisions


Give the wow factor

Our technology blends into any office environment, and gives your ideas endless room to breathe. The large scale projection screen gives you all the space you need to get your message across. 

  • Impress with a high-end, yet simple installation 
  • Showcase your ideas and design in realtime
  • Add dimension to your presentation through multiple screens & applications
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