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The easy to follow interactive elements of the Brainstorm application lets anyone participate in the beginning phases of a project. Whether that be developing a product, a visual presentation, or just a staff meeting, Brainstorm has got you covered. The format of the application enables you to write out what you’re thinking in an organized and productive manner. Since multiple people can add to the board at once, no one’s input goes to waste.

The Basics

The app uses the appearance of digital sticky notes and arrows to create a visual version of your thoughts. For example, lets say you want to make a brainstorm during your staff meeting. You would start by writing the word “Meeting” directly onto the we-inspire board. The word would then show up as a digital sticky note.

You can then expand on this category by writing words like “Concerns” and “Suggestions”. These words will also show up as sticky notes. From there, you can connect them to the word “Meeting” to begin a brainstorming diagram. From here you can drag and drop the sticky notes anywhere on the board as well as change the colors to customize your brainstorm. Essentially, the basic function of the brainstorm app is organization.


To take it a step further, brainstorm can connect with the other we-inspire applications. This means that as you are brainstorming, you can bring in content from the write, sketch, and capture application. So, as one person is creating categories on the board, another could be drawing on paper using write. Once the drawer is finished, the board user can take their drawing and put into the brainstorm. This notion can also be applied to sketch and capture.

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