all of your devices

we-inspire capture lets you present and capture content from your own laptop, tablet or even phone without the need to install any special software. Connect either via cable or wirelessly using Airplay and share your screen on any of the we-inspire displays. Once on the screen, you can easily bring it into brainstorm or sketch to keep building on inspiring ideas. we-inspire’s capture application was created to give you the freedom to bring in content from your own personal devices as seemless as possible. No sending or uploading needed, just connect to the local network and share your content.

The Basics

All you have to do is sync a device, such as a cell phone or an ipad, to the system using the local network. Once this is done you can pull up a pre-existing photo or take a new one on the big screen.


Capture is best utilized when it is integrated with the other we-inspire applications as it seamlessly interact with both the sketch and brainstorm applications. Once you have it on the big screen you can add it to an open project. Just copy and paste the image into brainstorm or sketch and get customizing.