control your cursor directly on the wall

Behind the uniqueness of the we-inspire system is core. The core does all the work behind the scenes so that all the components work smoothly together, including syncing of the pens and calibration of the screen. Most importantly this application makes it possible to use all other Windows applications. Should there be any issues, which rarely happens, the core, like all the other we-inspire apps, has an easy-to-use interface.   

The Basics

It has always been our dream and major goal to create an easy-to-use and coherent system everybody is able to work with. For this reason, we developed different applications that people at every age can easily understand and work with. Even the core, the application that runs the show in the background and is not touched as often, is made very user-friendly. Syncing a new pen to the system or even calibrating the screen is so simple it can be done by first time users. core makes it possible to take full advantage of all the software that is designed for Windows by transforming your anoto pen into a functional mouse for your computer. 


Thanks to the core you can use Windows applications along with the other unique we-inspire apps. In other words: You can start an idea on paper by yourself and bring it into a photo editor in order to let other team members develop it further. With the we-inspire system the entire team is now able to work on the idea together and simultaneously watch its development on a large spreadsheet.    


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