we-inspire sketchboard

we-inspire sketchboard is taking digital whiteboards to a new level. It allows you to create, modify and improve any drawing or idea. The sketchboard application allows for your ideas to come to life effortlessly on a big display. You can also draw, write, add photos and visuals from any software on your computer. With sketch you will never run out of ink nor space, which makes it easy to combine components to form a story. Plus the beautiful vector based ink is captured with subpixel accuracy, giving your work the quality they need (and deserve).

The Basics

This application works best for editing and creating projects, all you have to do is pick up an anoto pen and draw directly onto the board. The main tool is the tool palette, which can be accessed both digitally on the screen and through an analog accessory that comes with the system. On the palette, you can choose between the style, color and thickness of your pen to create masterpieces. You can modify certain aspects of your work with either the lasso selection or harpoon selection tools. Objects can be duplicated and modified, letting you see a before and after of your creations. Images are vectored, so objects created can never lose detail when modified by size or rotation. And with any piece of art, if mistakes are made, the undo function or eraser tool can come to the rescue.


If your team is looking for inspiration or wants to bring in another vision, they can bring a photo into the application to draw over and annotate. Some users will even choose to trace over the photo and then take the photo underneath away, only leaving the traced work.


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