as simple as pen and paper

When it comes to creating, some of us are more comfortable with a pen and paper. What if you could take exactly what was on your paper and change it into a digital format? With the we-inspire system you can do just that! The technology in the surface of the board and stylus pen works similarly to the paper and ink pen. So now you can work on a design concept with tools you’re already familiar with. It also means that anyone can pick up a pen and collaborate on the we-inspire system right away!

The Basics

Using the anoto pen and letter sheet paper you can draw out whatever comes to your mind. When you’re ready to show the world just tap the “show” box in the upper right corner of the paper. You’re drawing will then appear on the big screen. From here you can drag and drop it into whatever application you are working in. It can either be duplicated and modified in the Sketch application or added to a sticky note group in the Brainstorm application.


Many times our best ideas don’t come to us when it’s convenient or in the collaborative space. Not to worry! With the built-in memory of the pen, you can jot down ideas as they come to you off-site. With this functionality, you’re no longer limited by time or distance - we-inspire understands that inspiration comes from all around and at all different times of the day.

As soon as the pen comes within bluetooth range of the collaborative space, the data saved onto the pen will automatically load to the Write application. Now all your ideas and creations, recorded off-site, are ready to go for your next meeting or ideation session.