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February 4, 2016
Celebrating the Physical Act of Writing

In a world dominated by laptops and smartphones it would seem that writing longhand is as retro as a dusty Bob Dylan vinyl.

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December 5, 2015
The Evolution of Creativity

The tech industry is buzzing about ideation technology. Creative minds are chomping at the bit to work for companies, and attend universities that embrace the future of brainstorming.




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November 19, 2015
Finally Understanding the Millennial Mentality

Millennials are the fastest growing group entering the workforce today; however, companies are struggling to adapt to their unique needs and demands. CEOs across the nation are acknowledging the importance of attracting and retaining this twenty-something crowd.



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11/11/2015 educause-we-inspire-startup-alley
Whoop Whoop! We-Inspire Makes Top Ten

We-Inspire was one of ten teams selected for the "Under the Ed Tech Radar Pitch Competition.” Only a handful of Start-Up Alley companies were chosen out of around fifty applicants.

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CCUMC Conference Logo
we-inspire at CCUMC

The We-Inspire team attended the CCUMC Leadership in Media & Academic Technology Conference, October 14th-18th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This event is an assembly of some of the foremost leaders in media and academic technology seeking to foster quality teaching in higher education. With projectors in tow, we showcased the complete We-Inspire collaboration systems, including our Ideation Wall and digital pens with Anoto technology.

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October 2015 educause-we-inspire-startup-alley
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2015

We-Inspire will be attending the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2015 as a first-time exhibitor in the Start-Up Alley space, Oct. 27-30 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. EDUCAUSE is the premiere forum for innovators in higher education IT, and We-Inspire will be among 300+ product and service providers in attendance. 

Interactive and collaborative environments are primed to have some of the greatest growth in the education technology sector, and We-Inspire hopes to be a premiere influencer. Instructors and students alike will appreciate the ease of sharing information within our brainstorming applications, as well as the ability to capture content wirelessly, building on their inspiring ideas.

Learn more about the event here: http://www.educause.edu/annual-conference


anoto headquarters
We are moving in with our parents!

Our parent company, Anoto, has opened new headquarters in Lund, Sweden, with four conference rooms equipped with We-Inspire. These conference rooms at the new Anoto headquarters is now a creative collaboration space, where digital writing experts will ideate and create amazing new ways to use Anoto technology right on the We-Inspire wall. The beautiful design of the We-Inspire system has transformed the empty walls into seamless interactive surfaces, with unique and usable software to boost productivity and innovative thinking.


With We-Inspire by its side, Anoto has created a new environment in Lund, one that is bright, fresh, and ready for a world of new ideas. And at We-Inspire, we know there is power in creating a positive work environment.

Check back and follow us on Facebook or Twitter @weinspiretech to hear more about which companies are using We-Inspire in their offices!


7/10/15 infocomm orlando 2015
we-inspire Wins InfoComm's Best of Show Award!

We-Inspire wins InfoComm's Best of Show Award for Best Visual Collaboration Solution for Creatives!

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7/8/15 infocomm orlando 2015
Our Four Favorite Photos from InfoComm15

we-inspire showcased the ideation wall at InfoComm15 in Orlando, Florida, where attendees were invited to test out how we-inspire’s complete collaboration system works to inspire creativity in a multitude of industries.

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infocomm orlando 2015




Orlando, Florida, June, 17 – 19, 2015 -- We-Inspire Inc., a company specializing in digital collaboration solutions, announced today that it will showcase its newest technology at the InfoComm Expo in Orlando, FL from June 17 to 19, 2015. This expo brings We-Inspire to the top industry experts. We-inspire offers the ability to create, collaborate and ideate on large interactive surfaces up to 24 feet in length using a variety of devices for input such as the Anoto digital pen and paper, iPad®, iPhone®, tablets and PCs. The partnerships with Anoto and Panasonic will be presented at the expo to show attendees how they can leverage We-Inspire’s digital technology for their business needs.

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March 2015 usc trojans we inspire wall system
USC Launches Its First Interactive Workspace

This past week, We-Inspire’s first US installation finished at the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. Thus, representing the official marking point of We- Inspire’s US launch. Located in the Leventhal Building, it is the first to ever be installed at an educational institution.

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Featured Artist
Tejas Shah Bentley University Computer Information Systems Degree Master Student
The we-inspire experience seen through the eyes of Tejas Shah, Bentley Master Student

1. Do you have any advice on how to become a better collaborator?

One factor that comes up when we are collaborating with people is that of responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. One should take this seriously for the team to perform well.

2. What inspires you?

Hmmmm... Many things. I get very inspired when I see and work with people who have achieved many milestones in their life this far. I get inspired when I see people who have a well balanced life style that involves both fun and work.

3. Whats is your favorite part of the we-inspire system?

The entire concept itself is large on the "cool factor". The most interesting part for me was writing/drawing on a paper and getting it reflected digitally. Once that's done, each of written/drawn items could be tampered with easily, making it very flexible for use during collaboration sessions.


Tradeshows, Demos and Exhibitions
The 3 non-car must-sees at LA Autoshow 2014

The annual Los Angeles Autoshow has been going on since earlier this week at the LA Convention Center. The show is one of the largest in Southern California, and it’s expected to attribute for 16,000 hotel nights alone. Every car brand that you can imagine attends and many of them reveal their latest concept cars for the press and public. With the latest in technology, loud music, lights and models, you can’t help but feel it’s like fashion week for cars. This was we-inspire’s first autoshow, but it will probably not be the last. The show is filled with must-see cars (read more here), but here are three non-car must-sees: 

1. The Oculus rift, the virtual headset for 3D gaming, made it to at least two stands at the show. Chrysler utilized the device to let the attendees to see the entire manufacturing process, while Lexus lets you go on a pretty wild ride.

Picture: Melanie Lee (Instagram)

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Tradeshows, Demos and Exhibitions

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 6, 2014) – When Austrian startup, we-inspire, reached out to the Instagram community for car sketches to be featured on their interactive wall during the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®), the response was overwhelming. Designs were submitted from all corners of the world, but one email stood out more than others – Josiah McKinney’s. He isn’t even old enough to drive! 

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Tradeshows, Demos and Exhibitions

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 27, 2014) - During the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®), the mecca for the world's leading car designers and manufacturers, the Austrian startup, we-inspire, will unveil their interactive solution to the American market. Designers can sketch, take notes and mark up drafts with pen and paper and immediately see the results presented vectorized on the we-inspire wall. From here sketch can be edited and expanded to at least 24 feet without losing any detail, which makes it the perfect tool for car design.

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Technology News
October 2014
Timelapse of the we-inspire system installation

This time-lapse video shows how quickly the we-inspire system is installed and ready for you and your team to use. 

To sign up for a personal demo, go here.

Featured Artists
September 2014 Shane Baxley Motor City Masters
Car designer Shane Baxley using the we-inspire system

Car designer as seen on TruTV's Motor City Masters, Shane Baxley, came by the showroom and tested out our system.

Featured Artists
August 2014
Tony Kuoch

What is your best advice on how to become a better drawer? I would say that mileage would be the answer to that. The best and talented draftsmen are the ones who tend draw everyday obsessively for hours.

What inspires you?

Film, television, and comedy have been a huge source of inspiration for me in the past few years. And I think the common thread that runs through those three that I specifically gravitate towards is the storytelling.

What is your favorite part of the we-inspire system?

Definitely the ability to layout and organize your ideas in a very intuitive way. Notebooks and whiteboards are useful in being able to quickly jot down ideas, but the we-inspire system allows us to also organize and layout ideas in ways that can give a clearer vision of the project. And a clearer, more organized, vision of the project will allow for new connections to be made, ideas to be birthed, coalescing of themes, and that leads to better art, story, products, etc.

Featured Artist
July 2014 Jacqueline Huang
Jacqueline Huang

 What is your best advice on how to become a better drawer?

Draw whatever tickles your inspiration, because the more you simulate your curiosity, the more you draw. The more you draw, the better you get. Growth is a matter of fueling yourself to get better, naturally.

What inspires you?

Depends on my state of mind. On some days I look at the overall surrounding space, and draw the people in deep conversation with a friend, waiting in a cafe for a lover, or listening to music in the train. Some days I'm looking at things from a micro perspective and focus on the granular curves of a wooden surface or the delicate tip of someone's nose.​ But in short, my surrounding inspires me, and the need to express that point of view.

What is your favorite part of the we-inspire system?

It is extremely intuitive. One of the most frustrating things I encounter when learning a new program is learning the language of said technology, whether it be short cuts or short comings of the system.​ ​We-inspire feels familiar. It combines a multitude of practices I am familiar with into one program: a pen, paper, and a touch of photoshop.


Featured Artist
July 2014 Nelson Wah Industrial Designer
Nelson Wah

What is your best advice on how to become a better presenter?

Well, I haven't always been great at presenting, it just takes some practice to get better. As a designer, normally I have many sketches and visuals to show, so that even if I can't find the right words, people will still understand my meaning. Sometimes if the visual presentation is good enough, no words are necessary to drive home your point. Also, everybody's time is precious. Try your best to give your audience something worth their time. Tell a story. Make an emotional connection. Tell people why they should care.

What inspires you?

like a lot of things. Architecture, science fiction, robots, fashion, auto design. Watches, of course are a huge inspiration. Watchmaking is one of the great products of human ingenuity. Not only are we talking about the perfect union of engineering and design and centuries of iteration and refinement... The concept of time itself was created by man. There are very few products in this world where we've taken an essential concept of science and physics, and given it a physical form in such a way. When it comes to product design, I often look to watches as the standard for design, quality, and sophistication.

What is your favorite part of the we-inspire system?

I love the way the we-inspire system has digitized our walls and boards. Traditionally, we industrial designers use these huge boards to pin up sketches, images, post-its, and swatches. It helps the design process to work more spatially, organize all of your random thoughts, and move things around. Since I'm from a younger generation of designers, I do all of my sketching and 3D development on the computer. I use the internet to gather my research. Pinning things up on boards, you are limited by the space on your board, you need to print out all of your sketches and inspiration images, cut them out, and pin them all up one by one. Then, if you run out of board space, you basically need to choose an older board to sacrifice and take down everything on it. This is a nightmare when you're at a company with other teams working on other projects, and are trying to figure out which boards from the other teams to take down. We-inspire is great because you can save all of your boards, bring up images from your hard drive or the web, and you save lots of paper, ink, and time. I can see that this will be the future of design studios and collaborative offices.