November 19, 2015
Finally Understanding the Millennial Mentality

Millennials are the fastest growing group entering the workforce today; however, companies are struggling to adapt to their unique needs and demands. CEOs across the nation are acknowledging the importance of attracting and retaining this twenty-something crowd.




The term millennial refers to those born between the 1980s and early 2000s. This optimistic, often idealistic group, is markedly affected by the technology boom.


Millennials spent much of their childhood perusing their smartphones, posting on social media, and interacting through web-based games.


When looking for employment, millennials actively seek out companies with advanced technological capabilities.




Companies that install the latest state-of-the-art equipment are in high demand among this age group.


Why is it important to attract and retain millennials?


  1. For starters, we don’t have a choice. Millennials will soon dominate the workforce with their overwhelming numbers.

  2. They have a lot to offer. They are one of the only generations in history  that are entering the workplace potentially knowing more about technology than those who are already employed within the company.

  3. They are known for bringing their ideas to life in the workplace via technological means. If you can get them on board, they tend to have a fresh approach to problem solving.


How do we lure them in and keep them?


  • Speak the language: In order to capture the interest of millennial employees, companies should create an IT strategy; an overall plan for the use of technology for creating value within an organization.   

  • Cater to their work/life balance: Companies should consider offering flexible work days. Millennials love the idea of coming and going as they please. Also, their family and social lives are very important to them.

  • Keep open lines of communication: Millennials desire constant feedback and respond well to positive reinforcement.

  • Decentralize: Millennials  are generally turned off by the traditional hierarchical corporate structure.

  • Get tech savvy: Millennials prefer to communicate through text, email, and other electronic means. Phone conversations and FaceTime are their least preferred methods of communication.

  • Encourage brainstorming: Millennials love to create, innovate, and work in teams to achieve a common goal. By setting aside a specific space for these types of activities, companies will open doors to communication, encourage constructive criticism, and foster collaboration. Employees will feel engaged and fulfilled, ultimately, leading to higher retention rates.


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