Featured Artist
July 2014 Jacqueline Huang
Jacqueline Huang

 What is your best advice on how to become a better drawer?

Draw whatever tickles your inspiration, because the more you simulate your curiosity, the more you draw. The more you draw, the better you get. Growth is a matter of fueling yourself to get better, naturally.

What inspires you?

Depends on my state of mind. On some days I look at the overall surrounding space, and draw the people in deep conversation with a friend, waiting in a cafe for a lover, or listening to music in the train. Some days I'm looking at things from a micro perspective and focus on the granular curves of a wooden surface or the delicate tip of someone's nose.​ But in short, my surrounding inspires me, and the need to express that point of view.

What is your favorite part of the we-inspire system?

It is extremely intuitive. One of the most frustrating things I encounter when learning a new program is learning the language of said technology, whether it be short cuts or short comings of the system.​ ​We-inspire feels familiar. It combines a multitude of practices I am familiar with into one program: a pen, paper, and a touch of photoshop.