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LOS ANGELES, CA (November 6, 2014) – When Austrian startup, we-inspire, reached out to the Instagram community for car sketches to be featured on their interactive wall during the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®), the response was overwhelming. Designs were submitted from all corners of the world, but one email stood out more than others – Josiah McKinney’s. He isn’t even old enough to drive! 

In between most of the world’s major car brands, 15 year-old Josiah McKinney from Lancaster, CA will show his own designs. He started sketching only a year ago, and not long after he taught himself the digital aspect. The aspiring designer started designing to see his own ideas come to life. “I am extremely overwhelmed to have my artwork selected to be shown!” says Josiah. “When Josiah submitted his designs, we were immediately blown away by his talent. There is nothing about his art that reveals that he is so young,” says Einy Paulsen, US Country Manager for we-inspire. Chana Messer, Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor as well as one of the we-inspire trainers, agrees, “I love it, I cannot believe he is 15 and self-taught!”

About we-inspire

During the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®), the mecca for the world's leading car designers and manufacturers, we-inspire, will unveil their interactive solution to the American market. Designers can sketch, take notes and mark up drafts with pen and paper and instantly see the results presented vectorized on the we-inspire wall. From here the sketch can be edited and expanded to at least 24 feet without losing any detail, which makes it the perfect tool for car design. we-inspire is a startup founded in 2013 by a group of PhD students and researchers from the Media Interaction Lab located at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Hagenberg, Austria.