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The 3 non-car must-sees at LA Autoshow 2014

The annual Los Angeles Autoshow has been going on since earlier this week at the LA Convention Center. The show is one of the largest in Southern California, and it’s expected to attribute for 16,000 hotel nights alone. Every car brand that you can imagine attends and many of them reveal their latest concept cars for the press and public. With the latest in technology, loud music, lights and models, you can’t help but feel it’s like fashion week for cars. This was we-inspire’s first autoshow, but it will probably not be the last. The show is filled with must-see cars (read more here), but here are three non-car must-sees: 

1. The Oculus rift, the virtual headset for 3D gaming, made it to at least two stands at the show. Chrysler utilized the device to let the attendees to see the entire manufacturing process, while Lexus lets you go on a pretty wild ride.

Picture: Melanie Lee (Instagram)

2. Skiing and the city of Los Angeles isn’t usually a normal combination, but thanks to Kia attendees can now hit the slopes – in a simulation of course. It might not be as cold as the mountains, but still as thrilling as the real thing. {Note: we've just been notified that this was taken down before opening to the public.}

Picture: Sky Tech Sport (Instagram)

3. Look out for robots-servers – we would’ve loved to bring one home. We encountered the champagne robot, but other encountered water robots. Read Jalopnik journalist Jason Torchinsky's summary of his robot encounter here. He also wrote about we-inspire not too long ago, read that article here.  

Picture: Joel Feder (Instagram)

We had such a great time at the show demoing our system to car enthusiasts, designers and industry representatives from all corners of the world. Here are some pictures from our stand, more to come later: