Featured Artists
August 2014
Tony Kuoch

What is your best advice on how to become a better drawer? I would say that mileage would be the answer to that. The best and talented draftsmen are the ones who tend draw everyday obsessively for hours.

What inspires you?

Film, television, and comedy have been a huge source of inspiration for me in the past few years. And I think the common thread that runs through those three that I specifically gravitate towards is the storytelling.

What is your favorite part of the we-inspire system?

Definitely the ability to layout and organize your ideas in a very intuitive way. Notebooks and whiteboards are useful in being able to quickly jot down ideas, but the we-inspire system allows us to also organize and layout ideas in ways that can give a clearer vision of the project. And a clearer, more organized, vision of the project will allow for new connections to be made, ideas to be birthed, coalescing of themes, and that leads to better art, story, products, etc.