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we-inspire at CCUMC

The We-Inspire team attended the CCUMC Leadership in Media & Academic Technology Conference, October 14th-18th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This event is an assembly of some of the foremost leaders in media and academic technology seeking to foster quality teaching in higher education. With projectors in tow, we showcased the complete We-Inspire collaboration systems, including our Ideation Wall and digital pens with Anoto technology.


We-inspire offers instructors and students a truly interactive learning environment, with the distinct ability to create, collaborate and ideate on large interactive surfaces up to 24 feet in length using multiple devices. Reaching our objective, we were able to show top industry experts how they could best leverage We-Inspire’s digital technology for all their academic needs.


We truly enjoyed our time at CCUMC! If you would like to see We-Inspire in action, stop by one of our showrooms, or contact us for a demonstration.

About We-Inspire

We-Inspire’s parent company, Anoto Group AB is a global leader in digital writing solutions, which enables fast and reliable transmission of handwriting into a digital format. Anoto operates worldwide through a global partner network that delivers user-friendly digital writing solutions for efficient capture, transmission, distribution and storage of data. More information is available at anoto.com and we-inspire.com.


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