The we-inspire collaboration technology explained

The we-inspire technology upgrades almost any place into a creative team space. From an informal discussion corner in your cafeteria, a highly engaging presentation or training center to a high-end board room - the possibilities are endless. While we offer many customization options, at its core only a few components are needed to upgrade any space to a we-inspire room: One or multiple projectors to display the content, digital pens for interaction on screens and on paper, our special we-inspire projection surface, a PC and, last but not least, our apps that make your wall come alive.

Based on your region, the we-inspire technology might be offered directly through we-inspire or one of our partners and resellers. For enquiries please contact us here or make sure to visit one of our showrooms.

The we-inspire room components in detail

we-inspire combines custom hardware and software with proven technologies to create a versatile and powerful yet incredibly easy to use meeting environment that inspires creativity and collaboration.


The we-inspire wall gives you a drawing, ideation and presentation space unlike any other. By combining multiple ultra-short throw projectors as well as optional edge-blending it is possible to create a seamless, borderless display surface with high resolution and at a very large scale.


The we-inspire system offers a highly durable projection screen with a paper-like surface that is exceptionally enjoyable to write and sketch on. We also offer fully customizable wall-sizes with several mounting options to achieve systems with more than 500'' in diagonal.


Powered by the unique digital Anoto pens we can ensure high-precision capture of pen movements on every Anoto-enabled surface. The high resolution tracking captures every detail and a vector-based workflow makes it possible for even the smallest sketch to be transformed into a billboard size product.


The we-inspire collaboration technology seamlessly integrates the use of traditional paper. Simply print the included pdf-files that contain the unique Anoto pattern on your own laser printer and start incorporating paper in your creative sessions. Notes and sketches will be digitized in realtime and in high-resolution vector format for you to save or modify in other applications. And the best thing - you don't even have to be in the same room. Paper integration also works offline - perfect for breakout sessions.


The unique we-inspire palettes make it easy for anyone to get started with the system. Inspired by a traditional artist-palette you can simply switch colors and tools by tapping the pen directly on the palette. Different toolsets for both novices and experts are available to get the features you need.


The we-inspire system is driven by a single dedicated workstation with Windows OS. This allows you access to all of your applications and company network. The pens are paired via Bluetooth and act like a mouse for normal Windows applications. The PC uses one or multiple graphics cards that are connected to the projectors via a video cable (e.g HDMI) to display the content.


Our unique we-inspire apps are built for multiple users and are specially designed for wall interaction in connection with traditional pen and paper. You can use multiple apps simultaneously, which adds depth to any presentation as you switch back and forth between we-inspire apps and Windows applications with ease.


Are your meeting places really the environment you feel most creative in? Rethink the traditional meeting room environment. The we-inspire system turns any room into an open creative field, which sparks ideation and collaboration. The automatic archiving and easy sharing is just an added benefit.